The Truck

This page needs updating, we’ve now got a ZIL-131. See the forums..

Our expedition vehicle uses the mighty GAZ-66 offroad truck as it’s base. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

The GAZ-66 is a Russian 4×4 all-road (off road) military truck, specifically designed for the most extreme conditions.  It was the main transport vehicle for motorized infantry of the Soviet Army and is still employed in former Soviet Union countries. [...] The GAZ-66 has gained legendary status in many countries around the world due to its reliability, simplicity and off-road capability.

While Soviet industry was not generally known for the high quality of its consumer goods, they poured huge sums into the development of vehicles essential for military use. The Soviets developed trucks specifically for the most demanding driving conditions on earth: the deep mud, raging rivers and snowdrifts of Siberia. A source of national pride, KAMAZ continues to dominate international off-road rallies such as the Paris-Dakar.

To avoid a western enclave, we decided to use small vehicles (relative to other overland companies), with just ten passengers per vehicle.

The GAZ-66 was the primary vehicle of the Soviet Infantry, making its presence on the roads and availability of spare parts ubiquitous, and they are extremely capable off-road: the ideal choice for our route.

Take a look *here* or *here* if you are of a technical disposition!

In the rear cabin the following ammenities are being installed:

  • 200l water tank with running taps
  • Eleven spacious and comfy seats
  • A small interior kitchen for making snacks with fridge and kettle, and a larger outdoor kitchen with powerful gas hobs and a grill!
  • Seats transform into bunk-beds when required when in colder climates
  • Large awning for chilling-out outside
  • Fuel-powered heating system
  • Infrared Cookie Monster detection system

Check out the GAZ-66 in action!: