About Us, About You

Meet The Staff


Age: 28
Born: Bobrusk, Belarus

Shurik is a tall Belarusian tough guy with a heart of gold. Shurik spent his summers growing up on his uncles’ farm in Gomel tinkering with tractors and learning how to repair all varieties of Soviet vehicles, from the Amphibious cars of WWII to Belarus tractors (Belarus is apparently known for its tractors), Shurik can do it all. When it comes to locating spare parts, haggling for good prices, and all-around good times, Shurik is your man.


Age: 25
Born: London, England

Though born in London, David grew up in Zimbabwe, Jamaica, and Malaysia; and the Brits say his accent is anything but local. A mechanical engineer by education, his genius does not stop at gears and sprockets. David is also a polyglot, speaking confidently in French, Spanish, and Russian while claiming that is German is “Schlecht” and talking in Farsi in his sleep (which he actually does; it’s irritating). He is also the brains behind our website and the primary subdoer of Yegor.



Age: 25
Born: Slonim, Belarus

Though his exterior may be gentle and true, a bottle of vodka will betray his true nature (gentle and true, but drunk). Yegor is a knowledgeable and hospitable young Belarusian who always rises to the occasion. He has a pervasive knowledge of Belarusian and Russian culture, and knows precisely where to go to ‘get things’ when you need them. He has a great sense of humor and will simultaneously be your guide and nonstop source of entertainment (seriously, he’s absurdly funny) as you hunt Cookie Monster (see “The Journey”). He is also very knowledgeable about the histories of the former Soviet Republics, so if you have a question: ask him. If he doesn’t know the answer (which is unlikely) he’ll just make it up and you won’t know the difference!


Age: 28
Born: Philadelphia, USA

If the Jonas’ brothers were overweight, balding, and asian, they’d be a spitting image of the elegant author behind the text of this website: David. An anthropologist by degree (and according to his resume, which is probably fake) an Eagle Scout, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Azerbaijan/Georgia),  and fluent in Russian, David will be the day-to-day program manager on your trek. As a thru-hiking alumnus of the 2,000 mile Appalachian trail, David has quality experience and a deep-hearted desire for long-distance adventure travel. He is a risk-taker, and will stop at nothing to avenge Yegor’s cookies.

Our Values:

Besides blackjack, South Park, and broadway musicals, we value adventure. For the record, we define “adventure” as any situation/travelling experience to which you can apply some or all of the following: “unpredictable (possibly negative), survival, the-road-less-travelled, rain-in-your-tent, bail-out-the-ship, stranded-in-the-jungle, chased-by-savages, breathtaking views, manifestations of unexpected beauty and love, romping good times (also alcohol can be involved sometimes).”

In our experiences, we have found that the best adventures find you, and not the other way around; we at Soviet Truck simply create an environment where you’re easier to be found. “Adventure” as we define it, is the foundation of our trek. Join us, and we will experience it with you.