Our New Truck! Faster, Better, Stronger: The ZIL-131

We’ve just bought a ZIL-131 to use instead of our GAZ-66 that we had had planned to use for the trip.

The ZIL-131 is 6×6 truck, and was also one of the major army workhorses. The primary advantage is the increased payload capacity (up to 5000kg), as opposed to 2000kg on the GAZ-66, which we would have been pretty close to when loaded up with 600kg of fuel and water. Also the rear cabin is a little bigger.

Take a look here for info.

The problem with the ZIL is its thirsty V8 petrol engine. We’ll be changing it out with a new MMZ diesel engine, installed at the factory here in Minsk. The factory give a two-year warranty on the engine and installation, and have a wide network of service centers in the CIS states.

Yegor has made a short video for you enjoyment. The ZIL you’ll see here has an open top. Photos of our ZIL are below, it’s now in the workshop, awaiting it’s conversion to an overland vehicle, which will start in a month or so, when the weather warms up.