The Journey

All along the route we’ll do all we can to encourage regular and close contact with locals, courtesy of our network of contacts, with events like barbecues. In addition, below are some of the activities we can engage in. (We have a lot of ideas to help make this trip awesome).

  • White water rafting
  • Truck/jeep and other vehicle driving
  • Hunting
  • (Urban) camping
  • Hiking
  • Daily Russian classes in the truck with Yegor (books provided)
  • Touring missile silos/abandoned soviet buildings
  • Guesting at locals’ homes (advantage of having locals on your staff)
  • River-crossings (in the truck)
  • Beach Time
  • Skiing
  • Various team-competitions
  • Survival scenarios
  • Cultural activities
  • Banya/Russian bath houses (complete with copious amounts of vodka afterward)
  • Concerts and Discos in cities we pass
  • Overcoming any obstacles that keep us from our destination
  • …and whatever else we find along the way.

Whilst we’re in major cities (capitals mostly), it’ll make sense to stay in hostels/hotels. This will probably be about 10-15 days of the journey. This is included in the price of the trip. Then there’s homestays. The rest of the trip we’ll be camping wild. We’ll have big army tents that you can walk around in, an outdoor shower (with curtain!), and excellent cooking facilities.

On the road, we’ll share the various duties of cooking, route planning etc., judging as a group how best to budget our funds.

We want to be clear: we are not so much looking for passengers, but fellow travellers who will take initiative to make the trip their own. New people will be met, new foods will be tasted, mountains will be conquered and, as in all great tales, things will go awry. The unexpected will happen, and when it does, we expect everyone on-board to have an attitude that boldly states, “this is what the journey is all about—and we will get through it.” At the end of this trip, there will be stories to tell.