Soviet Truck is the yet-to-be-told story of five Americans and five Russians attempting to cross some of the least-visited countries on the globe (Central Asia and Mongolia) over three months, travelling in a 6×6 Russian army truck. We will be participating in a combination of volunteer/philanthropic projects, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, as well as exploring the depths of these countries’ rich cultures. We want you to join us!

Start: Istanbul, 12th of June
Finish: Ulan Bataar, Mongolia.
Length of Trip: 11 weeks

Soviet Truck provides visas, food to eat, a place to sleep, fellow travellers, and transportation to places that would be otherwise almost impossible to reach.

Our team consists of both locals and bilingual Westerners; we know what travellers want and plug them into what’s going on in the places along the route. Get on board!


The Former Soviet Republics

The USSR is a word that probably conjures up several pictures in most people’s minds: the Cold War, the Space Race, vodka, Stalin, gulags, hammers and sickles. Interesting though this list may be, it’s only a shadowy reflection of life in the former Soviet Union.

Few are aware that the Soviet Union prized itself as a pluralistic society. They fused a fifth of the world with a single language and ideology, forcibly uniting hundreds of culturally and linguistically diverse peoples. Where else in the world could you find peoples as diverse as the fiery Cossacks, Siberian reindeer-herders, Central Asian horse breeders and the mountain-warriors of the Caucasus?

The territory also encompasses incredible naturlal richness: volcanoes in Kamchatka, the expanse of the Taiga, the depths of Lake Baikal, the vastness of the Ural Mountains, the Crimean Coast, the Central Asian deserts, lush valleys of Kyrgyzstan, and the Siberian steppe. All things considered, the greatest mystery of the USSR is why so few people are interested in seeing it since its borders opened.

With a few exceptions tourism just hasn’t taken off in many of the former Soviet Republics. The bloated bureaucracy of the Soviet Union lives on more-or-less unchanged – just look at the strict visa laws. On the flip-side, you can expect locals to actually take an interest in you – you might be the first Westerner they meet.

Project Partners

MNG Software is based in Minsk. Since 2009, they have been producing quality custom software for financial, healthcare, and logistical services. MNG is making helping make Soviet Truck happen, and we fully recommends their services. Hire them for your .NET, PHP, or Android needs. DO IT!

Our Friends:

The Ted Simon Foundation